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Having spent much of my first 4 months in and around Seoul, with the exception of an excursion to Jeju Island, I was anxious to break free from the haze, hustle and sometimes hassle of this massive city. Car rented, GPS plugged in, I headed south away from the traffic and congestion to the western coast of the Korean Peninsula on the shores of the East China Sea. This coast of Korea is well known for its dramatic tidal fluctuation. In some areas up to 20 feet and causing tidal flats up to 400 yards. I stayed in the small beach town of Mallipo at a modest Pension, that's what they call a B&B in Korea. Not quite a hotel, but not quite someone's personal home either. From there I set out each morning to capture first light and stayed out for sunset too. Luckily, the winter season brings relatively short days and later sunrises.
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